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GATE 2017

Gathering for Adventure Therapy in Europe

“Back to the roots”

Within the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership “Reaching further: Exploring the healing effects of Adventure Education and Experiential Learning, a methodology to increase the quality of youth work for European youngsters with fewer opportunities”

ATE talks

There will be three keynote speakers, experts in the Adventure Therapy field, to bring us back to the roots of  the Adventure Therapy in Europe. The three speakers will be, Anat Raphael, Luk Peeters and Martin Ringer.

Experiential Workshops

The GATE will bring practitioners, professionals and other people interested in Adventure Therapy closer together. It is an opportunity to learn from each other and give people an opportunity to proudly share what they do and how they do it.


At the GATE you will be able to listen to the keynote speakers, participate in Building Bridges, the Pool of Experiences, Social Mornings and Evenings and discuss the future of Adventure Therapy in Europe.

Adventure Therapy is a way of working with youngsters that has already been extensively practiced and researched in the US, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Although interest in Adventure Therapy is growing among practitioners in Europe, there is not a formal network of AT professionals, organizations or researchers using this new and innovative approach.

The 1st GATE – Gathering for Adventure Therapy in Europe – will provide a platform to gather practitioners, organizations, researchers and people interested in the field of Adventure therapy and Experiential learning working with youth at risk. This event will connect to our European community of elders through our Keynote speakers and enhance national Adventure therapy structures and actions. Round tables and workshops will provide a room to share knowledge and experiences. The 1st GATE will also be a space to dream about the consolidation of The European Network of Adventure Therapy thanks to our fire circles and other activities that will allow professionals to network.

The 1st GATE is a call to join for adventure therapists, adventure therapy programs, psychosomatic clinics, rehabilitation hospitals, child and youth mental health units and hospitals, or any other resources or professionals that offers nature and outdoor based treatment programs.

“Back to the roots” is a celebration and commemoration of the quality of Adventure therapy which also serves to honor and recognize the European history of this methodology. This and following GATEs will be lighthouses that enlightens our future path in the European Adventure Therapy field.

Check out all the details here!

Location and basic information


Wednesday, 1 February, 2017.

Opening ceremony: 5:00pm.

Check in will be from 2:00pm to 4:30pm.

The Venue

Check for details of the venue: Llometa de Llavata

Participants will be accommodated in rooms of 3 or 4 people.

If you are coming with colleagues or friends and you would like to share room, you can email us before January 1st at Subject of email: ACCOMMODATION.

There will be some area available for placing camping tents. If you could be interested, please contact as at Subject of email: CAMPING.


Please follow the payment instructions carefully. They will be sent out in an email once you have signed in by completing the subscription form.

The price for the inscription is 225€ and includes accommodation at the venue and meals.

What to bring?

We will post and send a packing list for all participants with more detailed information about what you might bring to the GATE besides excitement, motivation, illusion, energy, and eagerness for sharing and learning.


Saturday, 4 February, 2017.

Closing ceremony: 12:00pm.

Estimated ending time: 3:00pm

Lunch will be provided after the closing ceremony.


Three meals will be included and provided at the GATE. You may choose Mediterranean or Vegetarian menu.

During the coffee breaks some refreshments will be provided.

There will be a bar with other refreshments and drinks available for purchase.

How to get there?

Closest airport is Valencia. You may also arrive at Alicante, Madrid or Barcelona and take a train to Valencia. You will be able to reach the venue by public transportation. For more information about how to get there check the GATE informational booklet.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are gathering some of the frequent questions some of you are asking us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you might have, we will be happy to answer.

How do I subscribe?

  1. Fill in the registration form.
  2. Receive a confirmation email with payment instructions.
  3. Pay ONLY 30€ to reserve your spot at the GATE until January 1st.
  4. Send by email a copy of your receipt at (Subject of the email: Payment-yourfullname)
  5. Receive a confirmation email regarding your first payment.
  6. From January 1st to January 25th proceed with the rest of the payment.
  7. Send by email a copy of your receipt at (Subject of the email: Payment2-yourfullname)
  8. Receive a confirmation email and an official invitation.

Can I get a discount if I propose a workshop?

Unfortunately we cannot offer any discounts for students or for people that propose workshops. The price of the GATE has been reduced to the minimum possible.

Can I propose a workshop even if I have never done it before?

We would ask you to fill in a form describing the workshop and its goals. The team will review the workshops to ensure the link with Adventure Therapy. We encourage you to present your workshop proposal and contact us if you have any questions about it.

Do I have to be an Adventure Therapy practitioner to be able to participate?

No, you might just be interested in learning about Adventure Therapy or you might have other personal interests to come and be part of this gathering.

Can I reach the venue by public transportation?

Yes, you can find more information at the GATE informational booklet about how to get there. As the dates come closer we will update the bus schedule from Lliria to the venue.

Can I bring my partner?

You are welcome to come with a companion, however this person should subscribe to the GATE as he/she will be one participant more, therefore he/she should follow the subscription instructions and payment.

What should I bring?

As the date gets closer, we will post in the website a packing list as well as send it by email to all participants. Keep in mind that you will need to bring a sleeping bag to sleep in the cabins and your own towel.

Will the menu will be published beforehand?

The menu will not be available until few days before the GATE. As the venue is in charge of providing the food, we cannot guarantee to have access to it before the GATE starts.

Are there any stores nearby?

There is a gas station 10 minutes walking from the venue. The venue is 30 minutes walking distance from the closest village called Lliria.

What about the post-gathering workshop?

The post-gathering workshop does not belong to the GATE although it will take place the days after and in the same venue. It is a 3 day experiential workshop called “Adventure, Therapy, Group and Self”. It is organized by Asociación Experientia and provided by the keynote speakers Luk Peeters and Martin Ringer.

Additional fee and subscription form is required for this training. Check here if you would like more information.

If I no longer can attend the GATE, can I get my 30€ transferred back?

This GATE is organized with no lucrative intentions and we managed to offer the best possible price. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to afford to return your 30€ transfer.

Can I find my own accommodation?

You may find your own accommodation in a different venue. If you would like this, please let us know. However, we would like to encourage participants to take the opportunity to engage in the atmosphere of community that we aim to build during the four days of the GATE.

When can I arrive to the venue?

Check in will be from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Opening ceremony will be at 5:30 pm!

For more detailed information please check the GATE informational booklet!