The Reaching Further Partnership was always clear on where it wanted to go. There was a focus on finding ways to share and collaborate so there could be a common understanding of Adventure Therapy in Europe. The Newsletter has started connecting Europe and is an excellent way to let everyone know what you are doing and see what other people, organisations and nations are planning.


We invite you to sign up for the ATE Newsletter and please join us in our mission.

5th Newsletter

Sent out in May 2018

This issue reveals for the first time the location and dates of GATE 2019. It includes ATE dates for upcoming events, ATE local news from around Europe and a personal ATE story from Greece.

First Newsletter

The very first issue of the Newsletter, sent out in May 2016

This blast from the past will take you back to the early days when the GATE was on the drawing board but was still months away from being actualised.

This Newsletter will also take you back to the first version of our website, it too has come a long way.

2nd Newsletter

Sent out in March 2017

Sent out after the GATE 2017 it has information about the GATE 2017, announces the publication and purpose of the new website,  and invites other nations to join the network.

3rd Newsletter

Sent out in April 2017

The final meeting of the Reaching Further Partnership was in March 2017.

This Newsletter is the first with a new editor and outlines the next steps, future dreams and a summary of the Partnership.

4th Newsletter

Sent out in October 2017

Sent to over 200 recipients this Newsletter included information from all partnership counties and was joined by Switzerland. There was also a personal story about a journey to Israel and AT.