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There are more than 20 wonderful options.
On January 16th, we will post some links so you can select the workshops. Firs come first serve policy. We will use the doodle tool so you will have to write your name and select the workshop (only one per time slot).
There is one link for each time slot, make sure you select one workshop from each (total of 4).



Instructions for filling in the doodle:

  1. Open the links for the 4 different time slots
  2. Write your name and surname
  3. Select the workshop: Make sure there are enough spots available. You can check the maximum participants allowed at the top of the box.
  4. Save



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Thursday 02.02 from 11-13h

A. 4. Secrets of the trade – what makes experience in nature transformative (max. 50)

B. 16. Long distance walks as a way to deal with vulnerable youth (max. 50)

C.  8. “The tree of life” – A biographical experience and writing exercise to discover the roots of current emotional patterns (max. 16)

D. 9. Adventure therapy courses for adult women with eating disorders (max. 24)

E. 13. Imagine – What could you have done with your parents!  Dreams come true in therapeutic adventures with families (max. 20)

Thursday 02.02 from 14.30-16.30h:

A. 6. The meaning of and dealing with the scapegoat phenomenon in Adventure Therapy programs (max. 25)

B. 15. Metaphors in Adventure Therapy (max. 20)

C. 1. Journey to the Edge (max. 20)

D. 20. Raccoon circles – the power of groups (max. 20)

E. 2. What is a good question? Is a good question (max. 20)

F. 14. Expedition: trustful relationships in Adventure Therapy (max. 30)

Friday 03.02 from 11-13h: 

A. 12. Seeds of greatness and family trees: Strengths-based and systemic approaches to adventure therapy (max. 40)

B. 3. Inside out (max. 25)

C. 7. How moments of not-doing impact the reflective atmosphere (max. 24)

D. 18. “Circle of courage” as a model/ guideline to create experiential learning with traumatic youngsters (max. 20)

E. 19. My Space (max. 16)

F. 11. Take the risk – reach the goal. Action based workshop (max. 16)

Friday 03.02 from 14.30-16.30h:

A. 5. Counter lines-effective method to stretch zone  (max. 20)

B. Pool of Experiences (max. 25)

C. 10. More about ‘being good in your skin’ (max. 20)

D. 17. As ever, a tribe on the way (max. 30)

E. 22. Meaningful choices in a world of uncertaintie(max. 30)

F. 23. Igniting Sites in Ireland- unlocking the past through adventure (max. 30)