"Reaching for Roots and Finding a Forest"

The Reaching Further project started in 2015 as a partnership and collaboration between eight European nations.

The partners of Reaching Further wanted to search for the roots of Adventure Therapy (AT) in Europe and to see if it was possible to create a professional network of European AT practitioners.

The partnership had several goals and among them

the desire to create a common language for AT in Europe,

provide a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, resources etc. among practitioners.

What is the GATE?

The GATE is a Gathering for everyone interested in Adventure Therapy in Europe.

The first one was held in Valencia in February of 2017, four days with an ambitious program and three excellent keynote speakers. 140 people from 22 countries attended and participated in 23 experiential workshops.

The first GATE was a great success and we are all looking forward to the second GATE in Germany in 2019.

Partnership findings

The Partnership had lofty goals and worked hard for the two years it lasted.

On the Resource page you can find some of the results of the Partnership.

Who are we?

Eight nations and more organizations were part of the Partnership.

There were also Representatives and Associates that made all this possible.

What is the ATE Network?

At the GATE 2017 the Adventure Therapy in Europe (ATE) Network began to form. It will take over from the original eight country Partnership after the end of March 2017.

If you or your organization want to be part of it sign up for the ATE Newsletter and stay in touch.