Goals and structure and of the ATE Network


The ATE network evolved from a partnership project of 8 European countries, called “Reaching Further”. For a brief history of the network, read the partnership story at www.adventuretherapy.eu.


Dreams that were made at the end of the partnership project in 2017 for continuing and growing this network of Adventure Therapists in Europe:

We wish to make AT accessible for everyone, making the methodology recognized as a valuable therapeutic intervention for all kind of target groups. The network can develop AT practices, can help setting standards for adventure therapist’s competences and support research that is lacking in Europe. The ATE network should be sustainable in itself as a network that stays alive beyond the initial partnership.


The strategic goal of ATE is to create a sustainable network.


Operational goals are:

  • Developing our communication platforms (internal and external communication)
  • Organizing a GATE (Gathering for AT in Europe) in a continuous way – every 2 years
  • Developing projects in cooperation with other European partner organizations


Therefore we want to develop a European “roundtable” where all countries are represented.



The structure for the organisation of our network is composed by several teams in order to divide tasks. These teams operate between two GATE’s and are decided upon during the GATE Roundtable closing session. Within their 2 years of duty, any team member can return the assignment, but this must be predicted at least 2 months before, to have time to delegate a new member from the network. If this happens, it would be best to choose a new member from the same country of the resigning member or from the next GATE hosting country.



The coordination team consists of 3-to-4 people from different countries. They are selected at the GATE Roundtable closing session and operate until the next GATE event (for 2 years).


Their main tasks are:

  • To have an overview of the goals
  • To coordinate the actions that need to be done
  • To be a link between the other teams and to all other projects /new tasks/ possibilities that arise within the European Community
  • To keep the overview of the transition between GATE’s (including money transition)
  • To actively search and include new representatives into the ATE Roundtable
  • To gather GATE hosting applications and make sure the next host is selected at the GATE closing Roundtable
  • To answer all e-mails sent to info@adventuretherapy.eu
  • To motivate and support all partner organizations to build and develop their national networks
  • To be a filter to what will be posted on the website and ask the Communication Team to post it




This team consists of:

  • 1 person from the current hosting country (hosting team)
  • At least 1 person from the former GATE hosting team
  • If possible, 1 person from a possible next GATE hosting team
  • 1 Coordination Team member
  • If needed, more helpers from other countries


Tasks of this team are:

  • Supporting the hosting team in organizing (practically) and promoting the next GATE
  • Organizing the content of the next GATE (workshops, keynotes, other sessions,…) – keeping in mind the evaluations and feedback of the year before
  • Keeping an eye on the ethical guidelines when organising the next GATE
  • Making sure the GATE is evaluated in the end and the next GATE team gets an overview of these evaluations




The hosting team is a national team that is put together by the hosting country of the GATE. They are responsible for all practical and organisational issues regarding the GATE and they communicate closely with the GATE team. At least one member of the hosting team is also a member of the GATE team.




The communication team consists of a member of the coordination team and at least three other members, from different European countries. Their role concerns all communication about ATE matters to the rest of the ATE network and community.


Their tasks are:

  • updating the website adventuretherapy.eu with all upcoming events, important information and new ATE representatives
  • being in charge of our ATE facebook page and facebook group, making sure all relevant information is communicated through social media
  • sending regularly a newsletter to all ATE network members