Experiential Workshops

The goal of the GATE 2017 was to bring practitioners, professionals and other people interested in Adventure Therapy closer together. The GATE was to be the first step towards creating a European platform where we can communicate our findings and exchange ideas on Adventure Therapy. It was an opportunity to learn from each other, and this dream could only come true if people were willing to proudly share what they do and how they do it.

Participants interested in providing experiential were asked to fill in a workshop proposal form and the GATE team reviewed the proposals to ensure the quality of the workshops and the link with the Adventure Therapy.

Workshops took place simultaneously and participants were able to subscribe to four different workshops during the GATE.

A complete list of Experiential Workshops provided at the GATE 2017

1. Journey to the Edge by Tal Brosh & Erez Melzer

2. What is a good question? Is a good question by Philip De Zommers

3. Inside out by Griet Cumps, Leo Torfs & Tanja de Jong

4. Secrets of the trade – what makes experience in nature transformative by Lia Naor

5. Counter lines-effective method to stretch zone by Dotan Haim

6. The meaning of and dealing with the scapegoat phenomenon in Adventure Therapy programs  by Luk Peeters

7. How moments of not-doing impact the reflective atmosphere by By Mario D’Agostino, Dirk Devilder & Bert Vandenbussche

8. “The tree of life” – A biographical experience and writing exercise to discover the roots of current emotional patterns

by Lynn Van Hoof & Nadia Vossen

9. Adventure therapy courses for adult women with eating disorders by Lieve Pensaert, Els Verheyen & Bert Vandenbussche

10. More about ‘being good in your skin’ by Martin Ringer

11. Take the risk – reach the goal. Action based workshop by András Simon

12. Seeds of greatness and family trees: Strengths-based and systemic approaches to adventure therapy by Kira Roerig

13. Imagine –  what could you have done with your parents!  Dreams come true in therapeutic adventures with families by Pekka Lyytinen and Satu Kananen 

14. Expedition: trustful relationships in Adventure Therapy by Elmo Mesic & Michaela Hierl 

15. Metaphors in Adventure Therapy by Szabó Gábor Timur

16. Long distance walks as a way to deal with vulnerable youth by Ruth Vandekerkhove

17. As ever, a tribe on the way by Leonardo Frontani

18. “CIRCLE OF COURAGE” as a model/ guideline to create experiential learning with traumatic youngsters by Christiane Thiesen

19. My Space by Lori Van Hout & Karen Segers

20. Raccoon circles – the power of groups by Kátia Almeida & Susana Bernardo

21. Fire Experiencie: Firemaking as a therapeutic tool by Natalia Ruiz de Cortázar & Alexander Rose

22. Meaningful choices in a world of uncertainties by Anat Raphael 

23. Igniting Sites in Ireland- unlocking the past through adventure by Lorcan McBride 


Thank you for sharing your practices and knowledge with us!