The Netherlands

The Mutsaersstichting is a youth care service center that offers professional mental health and care services to children and youth. In addition, we give social support and counselling to women and children.

XONAR is a provider of specialist child, youth and parentingservices in the Netherlands. XONAR helps people with complicated problems concerning parenting and child or youth development, such as behaviour problems, autism or anxiety disorders. We also support children who are found to be developmentally delayed, or young people who cannot or don’t want to live at home any more, but aren’t capable of living independently yet. Sometimes, parents have their own problems and may not be able to take care of their children, temporarily or permanently. In that case, we will look for an alternative suitable environment for the child to grow up in, preferably with relatives, or in a foster home. XONAR attaches great importance to providing effective and efficient help. We achieve this through evidence-based or practice-based interventions and by continuously monitoring the effects. This way, the success rates of our services are increased and consistent quality is guaranteed. In addition to child, youth and parenting services, XONAR provides shelter and help for women in crisis situations and unaccompanied minor asylum seekers.

Dutch Good Practices

The organization Mutsaersstichting does a lot of family-trajectories with an AT-approach. Here is a good practice with such a trajectory:

AT in the backyard with families

A program is designed for an individual client with a specific goal.There is not a fixed or pre-structured program rather it is formed in relation to the need of the client.

AT in the backyard with individuals